About Us

Marchaa means Chillies, from the humble bell pepper to a Carolina Reaper pepper, all are chillies of different heat levels.  

​Marchaa Foods is based on the love of our mum for Achaars (pickles) which feature chillies strongly in them, originating from Punjab, these recipes has been passed through the generations where she learned them from her mother in India before she moved to London and then from her mother in law (who was 1st generation Sikhs in Kenya).

The authentic recipes, which we now use to create these Achaars (pickles) contain fresh ingredients & very authentic Indian sub-continent spices (all sourced from UK based vendors).

These recipes help us create the Achaars (pickles) with love, care, time & patience, which will rekindle sweet childhood memories of simple, wholesome, mouth-watering tastes which will make you come back to us again and again, it goes without saying the pickles contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our pickles are carefully freshly prepared in small batches, a world away from the oily/mushy massed produced Pickles, they are made in our kitchen in Ilford, Essex and delivered directly to your home.

We take care of the amount of oil used or the quantity of salt used, which is actually negligible compared to mass produced Indian pickles as they have so much oil or salt to increase their shelf life. 

All our ingredients our sourced local market vendors, supermarkets who source British produce or from local specialty stores for our spices.

If you would like to know more or have any questions, Contact Us through the website or get it touch through our social media handles. 

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Email - info@marchaa.co.uk